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Who am I?

Born in Messina on the 08/11/1982, I completed my degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Cattolica University of Sacro Cuore in the 2007.

Since that moment, it is everything in a fast evolution: in the February of 2008 I obtained the license to the practice of medical doctor and in March I was accepted into the Urological medicine residency at the Cattolica University. I completed the residency in the April of 2013 and I graduated with first-class honors.

From March 2018, He is a PhD Candidate in Oncological Urology.

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Who am I?

I really like to define myself as an endo-urological surgeon: since the end of the residency, I started to use some bisturi-free techniques.

I try everyday to use mini-invasive and endoscopic techniques, that are perfect for my patients to reduce the recovery time and to avoid collateral effects.

Alessandro Calarco


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